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Darling Donkeys FREE stamp set

It’s Sale-a-Bration time of the year. Spend in the catalogue and get something for FREE. For more detail email me

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Amongst the lovely items available for Free is the wonderful Darling Donkey Stamp Set. Isn’t this a stunner.

I love a stamp set that is good for lots of different occasions and the Darling Donkeys is just that. Ideal for a quick note card or a simple thanks it also works well for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines day and is perfectly lovely for baby cards.

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Each donkey has it’s own character and works so well in so many styles too. Here’s just a few of my cards to demonstrate it’s versatility. Don’t forget it’s almost Valentines Day Feb 14th why not send a cheeky HEE HAW !

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Look out for my You tube videos showing how these 3 different sets of cards are made. Go to You Tube put Gilly Hunt in the search bar then choose any video I’ve made and hit the subscribe button underneath the video to add yourself to my subscribed list which allows me to notify you when a new video comes out.

Bows and Knots

Bows and Knots an easy guide

Eagerly awaited series of 10 guides to tying a bow or a knot now available on Gilly Hunt’s You Tube.

Here’s a sneeky peek at the card samples I have made. All feature in my videos. This series includes 10 top tips for tying a Bow or a fancy knot.  I’ve shown a sample of each using the Feels like Frost Designer Papers. The first introduces the products so is a bit longer but the rest of the series are snappy short videos perfect for a quick watch while you eat your breakfast or when your waiting to pick up the kids after school. Lots of tricks for cheating if you really can’t tie a bow but hey after videos 3 and 4 you will be fine perfect bows everytime.

Crafting with Friends

I love crafting with friends and am really looking forward to an up coming weekend on-line retreat with my friends. Today Ziggy is tucked up in her envelope bed with just a little tiny nose poking out. She looks so snuggly I’m very tempted to crawl in too. I know I probably am too fat but hey it’s a huge bed!

I love making swaps it’s a great way to get inspired as we make a set of cards and swap it with others during the event. Although we will all be working on the same theme I’m always amazed at how differently we all interpret the brief.

Sorry I can’t show you my swap right now as it would spoil the fun for the others attending the event but but I can tell you it features the lovely deer from the Nature’s beauty set. The theme for the swaps is animals and I’ve chosen this to make a Christmas / Winter inspired card. I’ll try and remember to show it to you after the event in late November. Happy crafting everyone. x

September Sunshine

Here we are the garden is finally fully fenced now to enable our new Grand Puppy Ziggy to visit and stay over without escaping! Although I don’t think escape is on her mind as she has just been having a ball sunning herself on the lawn.

So why talk about Ziggy on my craft page? Well she is the star of the last in my A-Z product guides. Go look me up on You Tube under Gilly Hunt Z for Ziggy. Please consider helping me to get better noticed on Facebook by subscribing to the videos. Thanks

Opps ! Spot the disaster!!

W for watercolour and one of my favourite things to do but hey I managed to cough a lot and totally messed up one of the many tips and tricks. I could have started again but I like to show that we can all make mistakes and I know when I see things on Facebook that are perfect I wonder how they manage it so I like leaving in my “hic ups!”

Make yourself a cuppa and settle down for a trip around the Watercolour world of Gilly. It was impossible to go into too many details but I hope it gives a flavour of what’s possible. I have touched on watercolour pencils, dye based inks, refills, aqua / water brushes, blender pens and working in fine detail to name just a few things. Look out for a section on Black Magic too!

V for Versa Mark and Heat Embossing

Well here you go another A-Z epic completed. Grab a coffee or a glass of bubbly and relax and watch. A great beginners guide to how to heat emboss and also for those after something extra a more advanced technique. Triple embossing.

I’m up to V so very nearly at the end of this project to introduce all things Stampin’ Up! Look out on You tube tfor the others in the series. Better still do me a huge favour and subscribe so Facebook bump me up the lists for others to see. Thanks

Five Year and Counting

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been 5 years now that I’ve been a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator. This lovely card and gift came recently from Michelle my lovely up line.

I certainly do “Love what I do”. I am ready for the next 5 years. I’m currently busy sorting out classes and workshops going forward . Covid has rather stopped face to face classes but not for long. If you want more information on up and coming classes and workshops please drop me an email and register for my newsletters. If you are a current demonstrator and wish to try a class on-line then email me so I can send you details too.

Little Easter and Mother’s Day Baskets.

If you have been a Gilly Hunt craft class member for a while you will probably have made a similar basket with me at some time.

This years pretty’s are lined up on the shelf edge here awaiting filming. I just couldn’t avoid making a You Tube video featuring them as I know some of you would be keen to have another go.

This years choice are Teeny Tiny ones that use just a 3″x3″ squares and a 6″ thin strip for the handle. These tiny ones take up to 5 tiny eggs but are best suited to 3 or 4. They are are a great way to use up your scrap papers. Decorate each one differently for fun or make a whole batch the same to decorate your Eater dinner table.

Go take a look go onto you tube and in the search bar add Gilly Hunt for the full list of my videos. Please consider subscribing if you haven’t as it helps me by allowing me to send a n email each time a new video appears.

Someone asked if you had to pay to subscribe the answer is NO it’s totally free it just allows me to post an email to you when a new video is posted. Thanks

Wedding Fayre Fun

Well what a fun day at the recent Wedding Fayre.

Arranged by two lovely ladies with local businesses and attended by a totally local supporting cast including me. We had wonderful displays of cakes, candles, holidays ,DJs, drone pilots, hair and beauty, tanning, photographers, florists, me of course and many more. 27 stalls in all. A great networking event meeting creatives from the area.

I met lots of lovely new brides and many of their friends, bridesmaids, mothers and a few brave and involved partners too. We chatted wedding colours and bridesmaids gifts and many took a good look at the idea of DIY cards and decor. I am now busy sending out catalogues and contacting a few for hen night fun events.

Cue Lights , Sound and are we ready for action….. nearly!
I’m ready and all set up for the show…… bring on the people.
Here we go. What a fab time champagne flowed and crafty chat was fun.
Lot’s of lovely new brides, bridesmaids, partners or mothers.

I even got a go at flying a hugely expensive drone with camera attached. I hate them when they buzz over the common land near our home. However I have to admit it was great fun. I can see the buzz as well as hear it now! Refreshments came courtesy of a horse box and I discussed exotic holiday destinations with the honeymoon planner. Might be good ideas for a Ruby wedding coming in the next few years …… is John reading this?

A is Available & B is in the Bag !

Filming underway for B for Basics and Bases

Today is the launch of my A-Z guide to Stampin’ Up! Products. Tune in every Sunday to my channel on You Tube to catch my A-Z guide. I hope to guide you through the products we sell and the best ways to use them with tips and hints for more advanced crafters but with an aim to demystify everything for the beginner crafter. Please go take a look and press the subscribe button so you will get notified when each video is available.