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Pinkies weekend at Milton Keynes

Pinkies Weekend at Milton Keynes Craft Event

What great fun it is leading Team Gilly and attending Craft Events with my team.  This lovely lot joined me for a fantastic day crafting in Milton Keynes with 62 other keen Stampin’ Up! crafters. Huge thanks are due to Lexy who acted as driver for the team. What a generous and kind lady she is.

We spent a delightful day crafting, learning new skills and networking. Chatting and laughing with old mates is such a huge part of these get togethers for me. Baz and Stacey,  just two of my many naughty friends!

The day includes some wonderful crafting projects and as usual I was too busy chattering and attending the extra business classes to find enough time to finish these.  For me it’s a really lovely part of these events bringing back projects to complete quietly at home afterwards. Michelle always makes these packs so well with clear instructions so I know I will really enjoy making them up.


Inspiration Stations.

I always enjoy sharing ideas and talking craft and so the inspiration tables are right up my street. I spent a good deal of time at the inspiration and idea tables. Each table is hosted by a volunteer from the team showcasing Stampin’ Up! products and offering us some amazing samples of their work. It always makes me want to run and order more product. It can be an expensive peek! As ever there were some very talented ladies with magnificent display samples. We are so lucky that crafters enjoy sharing their ideas so freely.


Keila’s tiny boxes

Beautiful tiny boxes just wonderful perfect gift ideas from Keila. She chose foiled papers and they were displayed in straw using mini lights giving a luxurious golden glow, perfect inspiration for Christmas.



Tara’s was making a great Impression!

Tara showcased an impressionistic and very colourful table. Some great watercolour style pieces reminiscent of a French Art gallery. Take a look at the stamp set  in the Annual catalogue it’s from the Garden Impressions Suite and called Abstract Impressions. It’s a fabulous work horse of a set and suited for all occasions and Tara proved it to us with cards, tags, picture framed items and so much more including a super patchwork sample frame.


Katy tempting me to spend my money with the Santa’s Workshop Suite.

Katy here showcasing her lovely cheeky twin son’s in a scrap book page and using the Santa’s Workshop Suite for some lovely clean crisp cards.  Prior to this event I had decided I wasn’t keen on this set after all we can’t all like everything. Sadly for my purse she’s gone and persuaded me I must buy it. Such clear crisp images. Her whole stand shouted Christmas traditional cheer.

I told myself I can’t have everything so maybe I would resist but…… then ……. just as I was walking away…. along came the next table and …. ahhhh…..

Marguerites Memorable Diary and much more temptation.

Marguerite was showcasing Memories and More Scrapbooking ideas and guess which set she had chosen for her main 2018 Christmas diary ? Yes, she had used the very same suite as Katy. I’ve lost my resolve and am off to buy Santa’s workshop items with my next order. Thanks for nothing ladies. When I’m bankrupt, will you take me in?  This reminds me if you fancy having a go at Scrapbooking then we re-start again October 21st email me for further info. Sorry but I didn’t get a photo of Marguerite but here are a couple of her pages. It’s a good idea to buy your Memories and More cards right now and set them up as she has done with sticky notes to remind you what photo would be nice total and add. This way you can do it all when you have more time up front now and when life is busy and full of Christmas cheer then you know what’s required and by Jan 1st you have a fab completed book to show to friends and family not the usual pile of photos and ideas with no sense of direction.










Marguerite also includes a beautifully decorated envelope like the one below every few pages which will be used for excess photos so you are totally ready to go.


Linda’s Home Sweet Homes from the Festive Farmhouse Suite.

Opps I didn’t get a photo of Linda either, sorry Linda. A beautiful elegant table showing yet another of the set’s I had decided not to buy and now I’m saving up. This inspirational table had a variety of lovely samples including superb new home cards. I especially love the die cut fencing. I think it instantly adds that 3rd dimension. Look out for this Festive Farmhouse Suite.




Lorraine’s superb tranquil textures seascapes.

Finally a comprehensive and special display from Lorraine including a great many examples of sea things.  Pirate treasure and bags of fun including an exploding box treasure chest. Watch this space in the next few days for more Exploding boxes as this was also our theme for my classes this month.



Thanks so much to these wonderful ladies, I am inspired.  I was also happy to attend 2 wonderful business based classes from Jenny and Michelle. Following Michelle’s class I have now managed to send my class members a rather silly photo of myself on the latest newsletter.

On a more positive note it does mean I will now be able to illustrate and send photos of products and sample makes in my newsletters in future. Who would have thought that little old me who didn’t even know what a blog was a few years ago is now not only writing this one but about to create large scale illustrated newsletters regularly. Watch out…. !!!  You’re never too old to learn.

The rest of the day included swapping, a huge scale raffle ( no I didn’t win anything …boo hoo!! )and more chatter and crafting. I’m home now and was looking forward to crafting those project kits but have full on man flu passed to me by nearest and dearest John so am very frustrated as I so want to have enough energy to finish my make and takes but hey there is always another day.

Come back in a few days time and I’ll show you my swaps. Ohh err missus not you will enjoy it I promise !