Mother’s Day Folding Cards

Yes, I know it’s a touch late to show these. There is no time to replicate them yourselves but I didn’t want to spoil the surprise for my mum or Jan. Now we have delivered Mother’s Day goodies and cards and they have had their special days it’s fine to show you these, my recent makes.

Using a traditional well loved fold that I have done many times over many years of crafting. I created this pop up card where the middle section pushes forward and out as you open the card. A fab zig zag out and twist movement created very simply makes this a great year round favourite.

Inspiration to use this style of card for Mother’s day came from Lin Gosling. She presented at the same event I blogged about recently when I showcased my baskets. I must say she did a calmer more controlled facebook live than I did. I was impressed with her presentation and thought it was time to try again this style. Lin used a different stamp set to work with and showed us a couple of other options including a fab dinosaur card she was making for her grandson Monty.

If you fancy trying this fold keep your eyes open as I plan to You Tube this style soon. Hope you like them.

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