Crafting with Friends

I love crafting with friends and am really looking forward to an up coming weekend on-line retreat with my friends. Today Ziggy is tucked up in her envelope bed with just a little tiny nose poking out. She looks so snuggly I’m very tempted to crawl in too. I know I probably am too fat but hey it’s a huge bed!

I love making swaps it’s a great way to get inspired as we make a set of cards and swap it with others during the event. Although we will all be working on the same theme I’m always amazed at how differently we all interpret the brief.

Sorry I can’t show you my swap right now as it would spoil the fun for the others attending the event but but I can tell you it features the lovely deer from the Nature’s beauty set. The theme for the swaps is animals and I’ve chosen this to make a Christmas / Winter inspired card. I’ll try and remember to show it to you after the event in late November. Happy crafting everyone. x

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