V for Versa Mark and Heat Embossing

Well here you go another A-Z epic completed. Grab a coffee or a glass of bubbly and relax and watch. A great beginners guide to how to heat emboss and also for those after something extra a more advanced technique. Triple embossing.

I’m up to V so very nearly at the end of this project to introduce all things Stampin’ Up! Look out on You tube tfor the others in the series. Better still do me a huge favour and subscribe so Facebook bump me up the lists for others to see. Thanks

2 thoughts on “V for Versa Mark and Heat Embossing

    1. Hi Thanks for visiting I hope you enjoyed it. Please let your facebook friends know tha`t I am new to all this and hopefully getting better each time. I will be doing many more in future. Please subscribe so i can notify you when new posts come out. Thanks Gilly

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