Wedding Fayre Fun

Well what a fun day at the recent Wedding Fayre.

Arranged by two lovely ladies with local businesses and attended by a totally local supporting cast including me. We had wonderful displays of cakes, candles, holidays ,DJs, drone pilots, hair and beauty, tanning, photographers, florists, me of course and many more. 27 stalls in all. A great networking event meeting creatives from the area.

I met lots of lovely new brides and many of their friends, bridesmaids, mothers and a few brave and involved partners too. We chatted wedding colours and bridesmaids gifts and many took a good look at the idea of DIY cards and decor. I am now busy sending out catalogues and contacting a few for hen night fun events.

Cue Lights , Sound and are we ready for action….. nearly!
I’m ready and all set up for the show…… bring on the people.
Here we go. What a fab time champagne flowed and crafty chat was fun.
Lot’s of lovely new brides, bridesmaids, partners or mothers.

I even got a go at flying a hugely expensive drone with camera attached. I hate them when they buzz over the common land near our home. However I have to admit it was great fun. I can see the buzz as well as hear it now! Refreshments came courtesy of a horse box and I discussed exotic holiday destinations with the honeymoon planner. Might be good ideas for a Ruby wedding coming in the next few years …… is John reading this?

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