Marvellous Memories

As I put away all the Christmas decorations and return to work again. I have been remembering some lovely new memories of my friends and family celebrating together this Christmas.

Thanks go to my super sister Sue for a great Christmas Day lunch, to my daughter Jen and Luke for several fun times at their and our home playing cards , doing the Big quiz together and generally eating and drinking too much, to the Hunt family for rampaging through my home and causing fun and chaos playing silly games and charades on Jam Roll Poly Saturday and to our friends and neighbours for joining us for our annual Christmas Eve bash. Finally to my parents and their friends for a bell ringing, game playing, firework watching New Years Eve meal.

Yes. I’m exhausted. As ever it makes me very grateful that I am lucky to have such wonderful people around me.

It has also made me remember that I was going to scrapbook more so I have these memories to pass along to the next generation etc….

Today I have been working on pages for a scrapbook. I have some great photos of Jenny when she was young on the beaches in Cornwall and need to get them into albums . Why not pop over to You Tube and take a look at what I’ve been up to using this beautiful Moments Stamp set.

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