Christmas Trees

What are these going to be?

Well I’ve finally managed a simple video tutorial. It’s my first hopefully of many more to come.  I’m a bit unsure about it as I can see so many things I wanted to go back and improve but hey at some point you just have to go for it and post so I have….ahhh!!!  We all have to start somewhere and hopefully it can only get better with time! I hope it’s good enough to show you how to make my wonderful simple Christmas Tree decorations which I made as swaps for the recent Stampin’ Up! event in Germany.

Now for your challenge please go to YouTube and in the search bar type  gillyhunt Christmas Trees 01 and find my video tutorial. It shows you how to make them and also at the end shows several examples in differing colour ways etc.

As this is my first try please give me positive feedback comments if you liked them so that I can see who has found me. Thanks a million. Then come back find me again to my blog when I plan to show you variations on the theme. To be sure not to miss them why not subscribe so I can notify you when the next blog and video is coming out just add your email in the side bar. IMG_5687.jpeg

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