A Great Get Together.

Notes from a great day out……….at Milton Keynes.

Cocktails and a meal the night before with Liz’s team and the Brilliant Baz.

A great plan but add crafting, crafting, crafting and chatter, chatter, chatter, giggle, giggle giggle and lots of hugs!

Some amazing inspiration stations provided by 5 very talented crafters.

A huge long table of samples sharing all our work with one another . Thanks so much to everyone who took classes and revitalised my crafting. For those who swapped with me allowing me to take these lovely samples home to show my class members.

Lucky Lucy on our table won 4 of the raffle prizes and here is Abby from Team Gilly with a big win taking home a fab die and stamp bundle.

It will not surprise anyone who knows me that as usual I was too busy having a catch up and chat to get all the projects done on the day but I have the kit and will enjoy crafting at home. Here’s on I did complete and what a great card all ready for my lovely mum later in the year. You can’t see here but it has a fantastic fold front which divides the card triangularly and has a pretty single butterfly inside just awaiting my greeting.

Last but not least I just had to include this photo. When you forget your knife to spread your cream cheese at lunch what do you do? Well, use your bone folder of course!! I love you Lexy xx

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