Ohhhhhh… I want one…..

Well strictly speaking I want one of each so that’s …I want 2 !

The latest fab bags from Stampin’ Up!

The Stamparatus Shoulder bag.

The Stamparatus now has a very trendy shoulder bag to call it’s home. Beautifully cushioned and with pockets and straps to keep everything safe as houses. Laid out to carry your Stamparatus but with spare room for extras too.

If you haven’t seen or heard of the Stamparatus it’s a must have gadget that helps you:

  • Stamp text and designs totally straight.
  • Create circular patterns and wreaths without measuring.
  • Make cards with multiple greetings all lined up and perfectly spaced.
  • Manage two step stamping or even 3 or 4 step stamping easily.
  • Re-stamp those tricky images that refuse to co-operate just ink it again go in again and it lines everything up for a seam free re-stamp.
  • Design complex interlinked images.
  • Create millions of stamped die cuts by just lining up the first.

Stamparatus Masterclass Weekend coming soon….. email me for details.

I love it so much I think everyone should have a Stamparatus. I am running a Stampin’Up! Stamparatus masterclass weekend this year. Date and venue still to be confirmed but if you are interested let me know and I can put you on the contact list for details to be sent out nearer the time. All atendees will need their own Stamparatus but hold on I will help you by offering a special deal kit for the event to include a Stamparatus.

Email : hi@gillyhunt.com

The Tote is here.

If like me you have looked at Totes before I bet like me you have thought I would like one but the pockets are not quite what I want or it won’t fit my trimmer or I can’t put 12×12 papers in without bending them or I wish I could put my inks in flat etc..etc… In my time as an art and craft teacher I’ve gone through a few totes in search of perfection. They are all very lovely but there is always something that doesn’t fit so has to be carried alongside. Well this is it a tote that’s big enough for all those long and larger items yet not so huge it drags on the floor! Always a problem when like me your under 5 foot tall. This little beauty also has dividers and internals that work with velcro so you can rearrange the layout to suit your individual needs. You can even change the layout for each class or event you attend. Need more room for pens then create a pen size zone, need to take lots of stamp sets or a full set of inks not a problem just rearrange those internal dividers to keep then from flopping about. It’s been created by crafters for crafters and you can tell.

So what’s the catch? Yes there is one ! Oh no!

Well sorry there is a catch. The tote is only available to Stampin’ Up! team members so you will just have to join my team if you want one. Oh dear that’s terrible….. No really it’s wonderful. It means you can have that exclusive bag and you get the fun of joining my team and coming along to events and crafty days out. You also get 20% off all purchases from the catalogue while you are a team member and much more so go on you know you want to Email :hi@gillyhunt.com and ask for details be a part of something wonderful.

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