Easy Water Colouring.

Try this easy colouring idea for a really fast card. So many times I hear “I can’t colour I’m not artistic”. Well of course you can. Let me show you two simply coloured images both equally lovely and look you don’t even need to be in the lines!

I’ve taken the “Beautiful You” stamp set and this wonderful infectious image. This set also features a range of fabulous texts. So if you like to colour take the first route staying conventionally within the lines. I used Stampin’ Up! watercolour pencils and gave them a wash over with an aqua brush. I then coloured the folds and shadow areas to create contrast. I did this while the paper was a little wet so the crayon bleeds a little giving a deeper shade of colour.

Don’t bother with staying in the lines

Felling insecure about keeping in the lines ? Then don’t !  Ha ha, it’s so easy! Take care to leave her arms and legs clear using a sideways scribble action colour across using one colour for the hat , one for the dress and one for the water. How simple is that. Use an aqua brush to blur the effect and while damp just add a bit of extra colour to the hat and the folds of the dress.

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