Introducing New Ink Pads from Stampin’ Up!

Introducing the new ink pads from Stampin’ Up!

So June has gone and July totally vanished . Help! So why, oh why, am I only just now introducing you to the new ink pads and talking about our colour renew.  This years annual catalogue in June arrived introducing us to a fantastical range of new colours and a brand new designed case for the ink pads.   We’ll….. err… I’ve no excuse..should have told you sooner but…… just been very busy using them and playing with the new colours. Lucky me. How selfish. So it’s more than time to share the love.

Yes, I really am in love with them not only some fabulous fresh modern colours but tiny upgraded details to the cases and pads make these better and easier to use. Stampin’ Up! true to form, has kept the colour matching system which makes them stand out from the crowd. Therefore both the old and new ink pads match colour for colour and the new papers , card ribbons and embellishments all still match to perfection. No need to panic and replace everything, just add the new colours to your colour range. You will also spot these new colours starting to appear in the blender pens, watercolour pencils and dye markers. Keep an eye out as new seasonal catalogues come in as they will also include colour co-ordinating items for this new range. GREAT xx

Ink pad review.

So what’s the difference?

The new pads when closed are a little smaller than the older versions. For those of you with existing storage units or Stampin’ UP! old style turntable stacks like I do then they will still fit. Look closely below and you will see four spots in the corners of the case. They are indented and have corresponding dimples on the base so they stack easily. Lovely and stable when left on a table or lined up on a shelf. No more wobbly stacks! This is a huge plus compared with the old, rather elegant, not so manageable cases. Look the new colours even blend beautifully with the old. Here is Old Olive and the new Granny Apple Green fab together. Whoever thought apples and olives would be good together!! Perfect choice together for leaves and trees and much more.

The new pads open like a make up powder compact . A simple open and close action. Hoorah!  no longer do I have to teach my class how to cope. Hopefully less popping the lids off too. You still fold the lid back storing it behind to form a great firm stamping base keeping lids tidy and out of the way while working but still attached and easy to pop back on.

Open they look similar with not much difference in the main pad size leaving a good generous inking surface. Clever Stampin’ Up! have added a coloured stick on bar for the inside case as well as the worded outer case one. It’s now a doddle to tell what colour you have in front of you. No more “oops” moments. I urge you to go to my shop ( red trolley top right )to take a look and fill up your colour range with these wonderful new modern fresh colours.


Don’t panic it will still match.

If you already have Stampin’ Up! ink pads. Sadly when introducing new colours of course a few old favourites had to go but true to form Stampin’ Up! have kept a great number of the base colours. Of course they have matched them perfectly with the new pads so carry on using the pads you have they will still perfectly co-ordinate with any new ribbons, card, embellishment etc..

My advice is to stock up on the lovely new colours first using them along side your old ones. When you have a full house of all the colours then consider updating them all to make the most of the upgraded features. They will stack well, look better on your racks and storage units but the new ones also contain a foam retardant/bubble suppressant to give you a better more even coverage. Less of that soapy, foamy, bubbly effect. Fabulous.  Well worth an upgrade in my opinion. Watch out for another blog later this week introducing more colours.

Here’s the lovely new Granny Apple Green which co-ordinates beautifully with my current favourite Old Olive. I can see me combining these two often especially for my floral, leafy projects.


Introducing a couple of tasters.

So here goes introducing the new Granny Apple Green and my old favourite Old Olive two similar cards with very different feel to them due to the warm vanilla softness of one and the brilliant white freshness of the other.

First a  soft version uses two strips of papers from  Tea Room Speciality Designer Paper Series. These are slightly thinner than usual papers and fab for origami too.  It’s inked using Old Olive and then marker pen work for the flower heads using Calypso Coral, Crushed Curry and the brilliant new Balmy Blue. A soft subtle look on Very Vanilla Cardstock.

Second try a fresher version with a Whisper White base card  and using two of the wonderful papers from the 6″x 6″ pad . To keep it fresh and bright I am use Pumkin Pie daisys and Real Red tulips with a hint of the Balmy Blue for the little buds.

For both cards I raided my stash for a couple of useful appropriate sentiments and that’s it. Simple but lovely.









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