Is it Bella? No, it’s Frank !

Bella and Friends or should it be Frank and his mates ?

Well I think it should be Frank and his mates. Take a look. What do you think? Here’s fluffy Frank our latest doggie sitting customer.

We love dogs. Sadly Sally, Jazz and Missy our own doggie family members are no longer with us. It makes life easier not having a dog but we do miss having them so much. Luckily we live in the countryside with a large garden.  We get a lot of requests from friends to take care of their animals while they are out or on holiday. We get wonderful doggie time without the full time total commitment and responsibility. It’s marvelous.

Our regulars include Jess a lovely velvet soft Greyhound cross, an elegant long legged lady who runs like the wind. In contrast we also look after John’s brother’s dog Spud. Spud is the best name for him as he’s a slightly chunky short legged Jack Russel. A bit of a grumpy old chap at times and against all house rules he takes over the sofas. He loves watching sport with John. He’s definitely a lads lad! We have several other furry friends at times and this week we have a new boy first timer called Frank. He’s here for a couple of days while our neighbours Lyn and Pete are busy with a family event.

He settled well and has been really matey. As soon as Frank arrived he so reminded me of the Bella and friends images.  I just had to craft a few simple note cards to show Lyn and Pete when they returned.

What do you think ?

I think the little dog in the stamp set will now be known as Frank and his mates rather than Bella and friends.Here’s my cards simply stamped in Stazon followed by some watercolour pencil work and a gentle water brush over to soften the pencil marks. Frank sat with me curled snoozing by my feet while I was crafting. They took no time at all so I still had plenty of time to play ball in the garden and walk with Frank.



I know for me from now on this lovely stamp set will be know as Frank and his mates! It’s a fabulous set whatever we call it and has simple but effective text which perfectly complements the pictures. You also get a superb cheeky parrots with a heart in his mouth and a fairy cake with a birthday candle. Just the perfect stamp set for all occasions. Go on treat yourself to a set from my shop.  You know you want to !







2 thoughts on “Is it Bella? No, it’s Frank !

  1. Gilly Frank looks just like Alfie, our Labradoodle! What a great way to have the fun of a dog. Love your cards! “Frank” is so cute on them !

    1. He is very cute kate. He’s a cookadoodle I think. All I know is he’s the loveliest softy although not great at recall!!! Has a mind of his own.

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