I’ve been busy…….

I’ve been busy…..

You have probably noticed I’ve been absent a while. Well let me tell you I’ve been REALLY, REALLY, REALLY busy…….

John and I have been on a very wonderful and amazing trip to India. We were away for almost the whole of May and into June. I am inspired by the colours and sights we’ve seen. I will share some of the photos later next month as I plan some Indian inspired projects.

Great news on our return. Our holiday flat in Cornwall had sold, while we were away. It meant we only had a short window of time to pack up and leave. Ah!!!!!    An 8 hour return trip to sort and pack boxes etc. So much stuff it required 3 trips ….PHEW!!!  What a job that has been emptying the garage of 12 years worth of stuff and packing everything into my poor car. It has certainly tested the springs. A lot of trips to the charity shops, the tip and sorting out what would be useful for my nieces and nephews in their first homes. Finally bringing back the remainder for us to cram into our already full cottage. We now have to decide what to do with it all. I’m glad it sold but have fond memories of amazing times with friends and family including the birth of this blog.

In amongst all of the chaos I’ve also been on a fabulous hen weekend away for my niece Victoria with her sister, friends and my sister-in-laws. We had a marvellous time canoeing, playing badminton, bowling, enjoying a pamper night, playing some outrageous silly games and generally having a fun girlie time together.




Crafty weekend in Birmingham

I’ve also been on a wonderful crafty retreat weekend in Birmingham. This was with 37 of the Pinkies and Team Gilly.


So here I am saying sorry I’ve been gone a while. Hey life get’s busy at times. My suitcase has become my best friend. I was worried that had I been involved in an accident they would never have known if I was Ok because I had no idea what time of the day or which day it was for most of May and June. Ah well I survive to tell the tales……

I love Stampin’ Up! weekends away it’s so much fun being together and sharing ideas and fun. I thought you might like a peek at my crafty weekend away.

What a blast especially Jan, myself and Lexy from my lovely Team Gilly. We had a full schedule of lovely things to do both during the day and I also had great times in the evenings with those who stayed over. In my case the crafting mostly included not getting things finished because I was too busy chatting or giggling. What a surprise! I love these events and catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Ah well, I have the instruction and can get it finished at home. I’ll show you them when I do them as this years make and takes and projects were stunning.

I was asked to organise one of the events. I arranged a rather silly Safari Quiz/Hunt through the Catalogue which when I have time I will sit down and blog about so you can all have a go at it but for now that explains the daft hat!


See you soon now I’m back in action


Gilly Hunt


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