Easter Quick Gifts

Easter Gifts – It’s not too late !

Don’t panic it’s Easter tomorrow but not too late to drop those little eggs into lovely baskets to hand out on Easter Sunday.  Made in minutes first thing before you leave the house and using scraps of paper you already have. Stampin’ Up! designer papers are such good quality that they make a great sturdy basket.

These Easter baskets can make a few cheap mini eggs look special. Better still fill with handmade chocolates or quality ones specially picked with your recipient in mind. Alternatively they make fabulous baskets for giving out empty ready to collect those eggs scattered round the garden or house as part of an Easter Egg hunt.

A little basket for your Easter eggs

A pretty little basket which can be made in almost any size. Use Stampin’ Up! designer series Papers for smaller ones and thicker foiled papers or card for the bigger sizes. Let’s start with a 3″ one.

1. Cut a long strip approx 5 ” long  and 1/4″ wide and set to one side then cut a 3inch square in the same paper or card. We will use this first. Round the 4 corners if you wish. Don’t forget the envelope board has a great corner punch built in.

2. Score the square at 1″ and  2″  on one side then turn 90% and score again to form 9 small squares.Then cut as shown below.

3.  Fold the two sides inwards so they slide in behind the central one. The next two photos show you this from the inside ( green side )  and the outside of the basket (daisy side). Note that you bring them so that the sides almost close across the central peice.


4.  Now add the long strip you cut at the beginning tucking it between the central and two outer pieces and staple or glue together.

5. Once you have folded and stapled one side do the same on the other side to form your basket.

6. Decorate and add your goodies. If you are clever your decorative finish will cover the staples.

Now you know the basics you can add different decorations and make different sizes. Always starting with a square and cutting and folding into thirds to form 9 smaller squares.


Consider weight not just size as a big basket for one huge but lightweight hollow egg will not need robust handles. However a medium size basket which you intend filling with lots of jelly beans will end up quite heavy.

For my heaviest basket made last year I looped right round underneath the basket with the handles and took a wide ribbon round as well. It looked like decoration but actually what it does is take the strain from the card which under a lot of weight might tear the ribbon acts as a supportive sling.

I love making these baskets as they are so quick and I often take one to friends and family full of goodies as a thanks for inviting me pressie here are a couple I’ve made in the past.


HAPPY EASTER to you and your family.

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